Discover Winning Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investing From an Investor and Landlord Who is Also a CPA
New Video Series by Ted Lanzaro Answers The Top 3 Tax Questions Asked By Real Estate Investors
As BOTH a CPA and a Real Estate Investor, Ted Lanzaro often gets asked tax questions as they relate to Real Estate Investment. He created this short 3-Video series to answer them and put thousands of extra dollars PER YEAR back in your pocket.
  • Video 1: What am I allowed to deduct on my rental properties? 
  • Video 2: What information do I need to keep to safeguard my tax return? 
  • ​Video 3: What tax strategies should I be using to save money on my taxes?
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Ted Lanzaro​​
CPA, Landlord
and Real Estate Investor
"I am one of you - a real estate investor with years of experience in real estate investing. I am also a Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years of experience helping real estate investors implement totally legal tax strategies.

I have represented thousands of real estate clients ranging from brand new investors to billionaire developers and everything in between.

I am a successful real estate investor and landlord. My vast experience tells me that most real estate investors are overpaying their taxes and, most likely, you are NOT the exception to this rule."
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